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Every good campaign starts with a good story!

modify your thinking

It's hard to share in a new way.
We can help.


We deliver social media solutions.


We’ve worked with the biggest brands and retailers to learn the key steps to successful social media engagements.


We’ve spent years applying these steps to small organizations and businesses and have distilled them down into repeatable processes.


We’ll help your team harness social media storytelling to achieve measurable business results.

What We Do

We humanize your brand by helping you tell stories… stories that connect you with your audience.


We find the exact spot between Do-It-Yourself-er and Completely-Outsourced-Agency model that meets your organization’s skillsets, timelines and budgets, and build a social media solution that is right for you.

What We Believe

Social Media isn’t new… Twenty thousand years ago, our ancestors were posting about their lunch on their cave walls. We’ve just updated the technology.


Social Media is an extension of our real world… into our digital world. It decouples our conversations from space (geography) and time (being there). In today’s interconnected, always-on, super-mobile, hyper-local world… you can use this to your advantage.


Social Media is storytelling… A sale is not just a transaction – it is an experience. You want to sell your widget? Share some value, build a relationship, make a connection… share your story and give them a reason to want to buy from you instead of your competitor.


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Downtown Bentonville
The Walmart Museum
Trestle Tree
Amy Reeves Robinson

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Start with WHY?

We start each client with our Modthink Method, regardless of their size, experienc...