Agile Marketing

It's marketing. Modified.

What is Agile Marketing?

Together, Modthink and its clients practice Agile Marketing. Agile is a project management process emphasizing speed, adaptability, focus, transparency, and involvement.

Borrowing heavily from agile processes used by software development teams, Agile Marketing is unabashedly client-focused and results-driven.

Modthink’s approach to Agile Marketing emphasizes:

An Epic Story

A plan that establishes the why, what, and who of a marketing project.

One Metric That Matters

A single, numerical goal pursued aggressively by Modthink and the client


A period of 2-4 weeks in which we work diligently to deliver a single package of content or unit of work.


A daily, 15-minute meeting used for accountability, transparency, and coordination.

Product Reviews

An opportunity at the end of each sprint to present content and results to clients.


A meeting at the end of each sprint when Modthinkers identify successes and opportunities for improvement.

And it’s all for one purpose: to drive results for clients.

Be Agile