Paid Media

We'll get you found through paid social, paid search, and display ads

Got clicks? The power of paid media

It starts with content. But, without aggressive distribution, even spectacular content can end in a whimper. It takes paid media to get clicks. Through paid channels like search, social, and display ads, Modthink helps organizations expand their reach, drive traffic, and find new customers. Even the best content needs a boost sometimes, and Modthink will make sure your digital ad dollars make the biggest impact.

Modthink - Paid Search photo showing a Google page with a target

Paid Search

It's the moment of truth. Right now, a potential customer is on Google, Bing, or another search engine researching your category. Serve up search ads at just the right moment.

Paid Social

Paid ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social platforms get your content in front of more of the right people. More and right, what's not to like?

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Modthink - Various types of display ad graphics showing

Display Ads

Always be just a click away. Even when customers aren't on your site or social pages, you can stay top-of-mind with a well-placed display ad.


Serve up ads to customers, leads, or site visitors as they're on third-party sites. Remarketing lets you stay in front of those most likely to purchase or repurchase.

Modthink - Google My Business page with guitar and musician

Google My Business

Business profiles on Google SERPs let customers learn about your company without ever leaving Google. We can Googlefy your business to make a lasting impression.

Data & Analytics

So. Much. Data. From keywords to A/B testing, lookalike audiences to analytics, Modthink digs into the data so you don't have to. You've got other irons in the fire.

Data & Analytics

Put your money where your customer is

Modthink excels at planning and executing paid media strategies. Consider some of our paid media services...

Modthink - Facebook Advertising Icon

Facebook Ads

We use Facebook's powerful targeting capabilities to get ads in front of your ideal customers.

  • Ads Manager
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Page optimization
  • Social listening
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign analytics
Modthink - LinkedIn Advertising Icon

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is where business happens online. We can target the right job titles and industries with ads.

  • Campaign Manager
  • Insight tags
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Remarketing
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Campaign analytics
Modthink - Google Ads Icon

Google Ads

The world's largest search engine and where many-a-buyer's journey begins. Be first in line with Google Ads.

  • Tag manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Studio
  • Keyword planning
  • Google My Business
Modthink - Display Ads Icon

Display Ads

Google, Facebook, and other major companies also serve up ads on third-party sites. Through them, you can too.

  • Facebook Audience Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Ad creation and execution
  • Ad analytics

A whole world of clicks awaits

Paid social. Paid search. Display ads. We get you clicks where it matters.